What is a Kobold

what the heck is a kobold?

According to the learned sage Fergulbarq, Kobolds are the greatest threat to humankind since the Black Plague. an innumerable horde of ravaging, fearsome beasts that are extremely tasty when flame-broiled and served with a secret sauce. Fergulbarq was of course an utter madman and an outrageous liar* (except for the part about flame-broiling Kobolds – yum!)

Honestly, Kobolds are a completely insignificant race of tiny, dog-like humanoids with few redeeming qualities.
The lowest of the low, Kobolds are weak, stupid, slovenly, cannibalistic little
buggers that lead brutal, short, and silly little lives. Outside of enlisting as cannon-fodder for evil armies or acting as lackeys for power-mad (and very cheap) warlocks.
Kobolds have little to offer the world, except as cooks and being cooked. As we alluded to earlier, Kobolds are damn tasty with a side salad.

Physically, Kobolds are the shortest of the brutish humanoid races, standing only 2 feet tall. Covered in bristly orange fur, they have large heads (to accommodate their even larger mouths, filled with sharp, pointy teeth). Their mouths are so large that most of their face is covered by it, leaving scant room for beady little eyes (and no room for noses).

Kobolds worship VOR, the Big Red Angry God™, which is understandable; wouldn’t you be angry if you were the god of the Kobolds? The only thing that Vor hates more than a Kobold is a coward, which is why
Kobolds are the most fearless of all the intelligent (and we use that term loosely here) races. Ironically, the complete and total lack of a sense of self-preservation is the only thing keeping the Kobolds going – any other race would have packed it in a long time ago, given up, and faded into extinction.

Kobolds live in caves – since architecture is way beyond a Kobold’s walnut-sized brain. To a Kobold, any decently sized hole in the ground near a food source (i.e. a human village) is a “cave” – whether it be an abandoned ruin, an ancient dungeon, or a collapsed water-slide theme
park. Except for cooks, most Kobolds spend their time gathering (i.e. stealing) food for The
Caves – veggies, cheeses, chickens, and best of all FRESH HUMAN BABIES.

What is a Kobold

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