Gontrax and Felsus

A pair of legendary monster removal agents.


Gontrax the dwarf.
B:20 E:10 E:10 R:12 AGL:3 HIT:40(Fate bound) SKILL:Duel/Bash DAM:(BIG MAGIC AXE 10) VP:12

Felsus the Rememberer
B:16 E:15 E:10 R:16 AGL:4 HIT:26(Insane luck and magic chainmail) SKILL:Bard/Cower DAM: Magic Sword 7 (12 v.s.dragon) VP:8


As a Slayer, Gontrax seeks a glorious death in battle to atone for his unknown sins. Felsus, bound to him by a Dwarven blood-oath sworn after a drinking binge, is tasked with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death. Felsus, however, has long since come to adopt the opinion that “anything capable of killing The Slayer would finish me off shortly afterwards”.

Together they have rid the known World of trolls, ratmen, beastmen, orcs, mutants, dark elves, goblins, cultists and other monsters beyond count, on several occasions they have also destroyed other much more powerful beasts such as dragons, giants, vampires and daemons, but seem doomed never to be recognized for their heroic achievements except by the monster community which now in the last few years rapidly migrate on hearing of their approach.

Gontrax and Felsus

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